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Poplar Grove Preschool

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Preschool Purpose & Goals

Enriching and Nurturing Young Minds 


The purpose of Poplar Grove Preschool is to provide enrichment activities and opportunities to facilitate the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. 

This is accomplished through the use of structured and unstructured discovery time, outdoor time, physical activities, small group time, music, art, drama, dance, and story times.  


Assist in developing a child who:

  • Has a positive self-concept

  • Is able to work and play with children and adults

  • Deals with his/her emotions

  • Is physically coordinated

  • Can orally communicate (talk, ask questions, listen)

  • Expresses himself/herself in many ways (movement, art, building
    materials, drama, music, spoken word)

  •  Is curious and wants to learn 

  • Has readiness skills for full time school





































Each group of 20 children (maximum) is led by a licensed, qualified teacher and a qualified teacher assistant who have had special early childhood education training.  At times an additional teacher or assistant is added.

Tuition and Fee Structure

as of September 2019     

Registration Fee                               

$40 (non refundable)


2 days/week  (Tu Th)           

$93 per Month or $787 per year (if paid in full before October 1st)


3 days/week  (M W F)          

$134 per Month or $1156 per year (if paid in full before October 1st)


There are no refunds for holidays, vacations, non attendance, or illness.


Tuition Payment​

Tuition may be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  If paid monthly, it is due the first day of school of each month.  A monthly invoice and / or payment envelope will be sent home with students a few days before the first of each month.  Parents are to return the payment to school in the envelope provided by the first day of school of the month. 


Delayed or Partial Payment

Parents should contact the Director or Owner prior to the 15th  of the month to arrange for delayed or partial payment if there is a problem.  A late fee of $25 will be charged for tuition not paid by the 15th of the month. Three delinquent payments (with no notification) within one year will be cause to discharge the child.


Returned Checks

A $25 service charge will be assessed for checks returned to the Academy because of “non sufficient funds”; a note will be sent home along with the returned check.  Payment including tuition and service charge must then be paid in cash. 


Thank you!  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kathe Keithley - phone 815-742-3033, email:

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